Thursday, 28 May 2009

Wedding related mind occupancy

My word I am all about the wedding at the moment, it’s like Bridezilla has taken over my body… I’ve bought the dress, made plans to customise it, I’ve paid deposits for the Venue, Church, found an amazing (and expensive) photographer, found an amazing (and expensive) Gospel Choir, booked an appointment with a florist I know from being in the band, had 8 quotes for chair covers and organza sashes and managed to get the cheapest for £2.70 per chair including fitting, but still expensive when you consider it’s £2.70 x 90 people, found a gorgeous VW Campervan to hire as our Wedding car, and found a great spreadsheet online that helps you plan your budget…so basically you get the general gist of the subject matter here….. Expense!

I’ve joined endless wedding websites in the hopes of winning a ‘£25k Wedding of my dreams’, I’ve joined Wedding website chat rooms to nick other peoples ideas, and I’ve done the boyfriends head in with incessant talk of wedding!

I’ve decided to keep the wedding talk to once a week from now on, and just make comments like ‘ooh just so you know….’ Every now and then.

I am however really loving every minute of it – and cannot wait to be Mrs Jennifer Ann Oatham.


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Missing Koh Tao but loving being at home

I miss Thailand, when in Thailand I miss home. So you can't win!

Had a good evening we sorted out guest list for the wedding, and had a shock - how expensive is a wedding?! Still will be worth it though, it's our special day after all!

My legs are killing today, went for a short run yesterday i think i need to go again today but we'll see... I can't remember the last bit of chocolate i ate i'm doing so well!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

I found it!

I had the most wonderful day today.

Despite my car costing me a fortune to MOT and service that is!

I spent a wonderful few hours with Ann catching up, and then went to Morgan Davies in Hitchin to try on some wedding dresses. It’s a really swanky boutique, and I had a lovely lady called Ros (I think!) totally dote on me and listen to what it was I was looking for in a bridal gown.

We walked around the gowns together picking out four or five to try on.. I envisaged a lace gown with a short train. She gave me some bridal underwear and took me into the dressing room.  I tried on the one I found on the internet and was bitterly disappointed that it looked so awful on me. After a few other failed attempts at finding ‘the one’ the lady went and got me a gown that she thought would look wonderful on me, it didn’t look too impressive on the hanger I must admit but when she did me up.. wow. I was speechless. I looked and felt like a bride. At last! Once the veil and shoes were on I can’t tell you the way I felt. I knew it was the dress and I felt so emotional! I didn’t want to take it off at that point and so I just knew it was the one for me. It’s very slimming and makes me look like any girl dreams of looking on her wedding day. It’s plain and quite understated so I can customize it myself, adding pieces of lace and beading if I wish. The seamstress is brilliant and so I know that although it’s a popular dress, I can make it look all my own adding my own little touch to it. I didn’t feel fat, I didn’t feel over the top, I just felt amazing. I was totally flattered by the women in the shop, they said because of my looks an understated dress suits me better than ones with lots of detail on, because on my wedding day I’ll be the one people are looking at, rather than my dress getting all the attention – which makes sense really. It is very unusual yet with my veil on it looks traditional and dare I say.. beautiful.

I can even ‘skank’ in it – result!

So I ordered it. I will never forget the way I felt wearing it, I never imagined a dress could do so much to me! I wish my mum was there with me but I’m grateful I wasn’t on my own, and glad that I got to share the day with Mums best friend Ann (who is brutally honest about everything so I know I can count on her opinion!)

I go back for a fitting in December, and then again the following year. They hold onto the dress until about a month before the big day, where I can make alterations to it. I just fell totally in love with it, and it came in under budget which is good!

Friday, 1 May 2009


They're taking advantage of the recession - i've just applied for a job that pays £10k a year.

How is that possible? How would I even live on that!

Can't find any waitressing work i've just rung round Hertford restaurants and there aren't any shifts available, same with WGC.

I am running out of ideas - and thanking the powers that be that i'm not up to my eyes in debt anymore because i would be in serious trouble right about now!

I'm never gonna get a mortgage unless i've got a job so please someone, anyone, give me a job?

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