Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wedding Buzz

Ok so guilty as charged.

I have totally turned Bridezilla!

Having taken a step back from the excitement of getting engaged I have realised that things have got out of control. Like REALLY out of control.

So we have put a stop to it. And are rethinking what it is exactly we want... a wedding? Or a house?

Hmm a tricky decision. Well for me it is anyway. Take a 28 year old woman, with lots of life experience under her belt, throw in some wedding inspiration magazines, the odd wedding blog here and there, mix with a designer wedding dress and blend with a cosmic imagination and what do you have? A Happy Ending.

But then it's all very well having a happy ending but how do you justify spending a phenominal amount of money on a Wedding?

Now if we wanted to get wed surely if would be as simple as nipping down the local registry office, saying our vows and bish bash bosh we're husband and wife. But life isn't as simple as that is it.

We have to take into account our family's feelings towards not being involved in a day that was initially going to be a wonderful wonderful day. So we have to have a wedding that involves family. There is no way round it. It's just not worth the upset. So then if we're having family then I must have friends there too. Then there's distant family members. Oh and parents friends. Where does it end?

It ends with a £20k price tag, that's where it ends.

Now that's a lorra money.

Ok so now i've whittled down the budget and cut back on various things (ahem like guests mostly).

But now we're having cold feet about the venue... and the church... and we've paid a fair bit of money already.

So what do we do now??

All I know is I want a low key, vintage, classic, elegant, boho, chic, special day that is true to me and my beloved.

Now i'm off to trail through wedding blogs for further inspiration and to pray for a miracle
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