Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Make Up Blog...

Ok so I have decided to make a start on launching myself as a qualified make up artist...

Matthew has most kindly bought me two domain names... and The actual site will be 'Urban Boheme' as this is the brand I have given myself. Both domain names will link to the one website, and the bridal aspect of my job will be advertised as 'The Boheme Bride'. Ultimately the theme here is... boho. Trying to represent myself as something unique.

We're putting a LOT of planning into the content, as I want it to look absolutely professional. If I am going to target new clients, it has to look nothing but perfect!

We are hoping to go live by the end of the year, I mean crikey it's March already, and we're hectic with planning the wedding, getting the flat finished, and hot footing it off to foreign lands for other weddings and what not! So in the meantime I have to showcase my portfolio, and to use it as a starting point to world domination. I jest, I will be blogging about my favourite products, doing more make up tutorials, and once my business cards have arrived and been dished out, it will be a good place for clients to go online and see what The Boheme is all about!

I need models to practice on, and models for a photoshoot so I have professional photo's on my website... any takers??

Wish me luck!

Jen x

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