Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Make Up Blog...

Ok so I have decided to make a start on launching myself as a qualified make up artist...

Matthew has most kindly bought me two domain names... and The actual site will be 'Urban Boheme' as this is the brand I have given myself. Both domain names will link to the one website, and the bridal aspect of my job will be advertised as 'The Boheme Bride'. Ultimately the theme here is... boho. Trying to represent myself as something unique.

We're putting a LOT of planning into the content, as I want it to look absolutely professional. If I am going to target new clients, it has to look nothing but perfect!

We are hoping to go live by the end of the year, I mean crikey it's March already, and we're hectic with planning the wedding, getting the flat finished, and hot footing it off to foreign lands for other weddings and what not! So in the meantime I have to showcase my portfolio, and to use it as a starting point to world domination. I jest, I will be blogging about my favourite products, doing more make up tutorials, and once my business cards have arrived and been dished out, it will be a good place for clients to go online and see what The Boheme is all about!

I need models to practice on, and models for a photoshoot so I have professional photo's on my website... any takers??

Wish me luck!

Jen x

Love this...

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Which Jimmy to Choose... part two

The hunt for the perfect kitten heel continues. I admit I haven't done the sensible thing of heading off to Selfridges, or Bluewater, or Lakeside, or Harrods etc to have a proper hunt for shoes and I will tell you why... I hate shopping. I find shopping stressful, and whenever my dear friend Lynsey suggests a day in London shopping I come over in a cold sweat. I do practically everything online, if it doesn't fit, I send it back. Simples!

Also I know if I make a point of going out to find the perfect shoe, I won't find the perfect shoe. I'll get the hump and head for a glass of wine and come home feeling woozy and exhausted! Or I will find three pairs of perfect shoes and spend the whole day dithering, unable to make a decision, and head for a glass of wine and come home feeling woozy and.. yeah you get it.

It's torment trying on all these gorgeous high heels - because I just wouldn't ever wear them. Ok I admit I wear heels when I am doing the housework sometimes... is that odd? I'm not sure if I should have admitted to that actually - but there is something most uplifting to wearing your gorgeous platforms and blasting out Queen very loudly whilst doing the dusting and vacuming. I sound like a gay man don't I...?!

So I went to NYC with Mr O, and fell in love with these..

The lowest heel I could find by Mr Christian Louboutin.... but a hefty price tag. And the gold would really look good with my dress.

For the amount of money they cost, I could get a return flight to Australia to visit my best friend. 

So although I envy a bride who can wear a pair of CL's on her big day, I think I will pass and follow the advice of some lovely comments on my previous shoe blog, a few of you suggested I try Bespoke Bigday and after looking through for all of..hmmmm five minutes? I found the perfect pair!

I got in touch with Rachel, ordered some colour samples, and had a chat about my requirements. It's so hard for some of us to find the perfect shoe, they're all either too high, or flat and really not nice, not nice at all! She started up her own company through her own experience of the hunt for gorgeous bridal shoes. Amen to that!

They're the perfect height, peep toe (of course), and I am having them in a colour, a bright colour at that. The price tag does reflect the fact you're having bespoke shoes made, but I must admit after looking at other bespoke shoe websites I found they were best deal, and the service is really personal and friendly. They take about 8 weeks to be made and shipped... I am so excited to see them it's going to take all the strenth I have not to wear them whilst hoovering!


I'm finding with planning a wedding, that if something really doesn't make your heart leap, than it's not worth it.

I have been on the look out for rather pukka wedding invitations since the minute we got engaged, mainly because I love a bit of stationary, and because I feared that attempting to make my own invitations they would end up looking naff, despite the fact that I am creative it was a risk I wasn't willing to take.

I went to all the right places, hello lucky! being one of them - and I love their stuff but I just didn't see something that really screamed 'Jen & Matt' style. 

I can't remember what prompted me to get in touch with Kristy Rice at Momental Designs, because I had already written off the idea of having such glorious hand made invitaitons due to cost implications. I think you get so far down the road before you find what you want that you think to yourself  'Whats the harm in getting in touch...'

So I contacted Kristy - a lovely woman who when I described the sort of wedding we're having, and the flowers we're using, leaped at the chance of designing us a bespoke invitation.

Crikey - a bespoke invitation! How la-di-da of us! 

Here's an idea of the sort of thing she does

The process is an easy one to kick off, I am generally easily pleased and open minded, and have total trust in Kristy and her team to design something that really and truly reflects Matt and I as a couple, and more importantly set the scene of our pending wedding. It's true when you read in all the wedding magazines that wedding stationary really does set the tone of your day, and gives your guests a glimpse of what to expect. And this is what we want to acheive. So we've gone from not really giving a monkeys about Wedding Invitations, to designing our own which is quite exciting for me because I love to paint (watercolours mostly), and really respect and admire those who manage to make a good job of it! I emailed her loads of photographs I had taken of the flowers we want to use, and pics I had pulled off the net for inspiration and given her total artistic license to do as she pleases.

We've had our first sample to view, and it is just amazing. We're choosing card stock at the moment and colours, and I hope that when our close family and friends receive their invitation pack it will be something they keep hold of as a momento.... of Momental Designs.

The design is under wraps for the time being though... don't want to ruin the surprise! You'll just have to check back for my wedding report to see all the glorious details!

For the love of Paloma...

Ok so apologies for the lack of blogs lately, it's been yet another period of grief and sorrow and dark times. However my college course has finished now (wahoo!) I am officially a qualified Make Up artist specialising in Skin Care. And boy am I proud of myself. I'm hoping for a Distinction, having handed my portfolio in for marking and glimpsing other students folders I sense I may just be in for a Merit. But I acheived Distinctions on all my practical assignments, which is where it counts really so I am reet chuffed with myself. Pat on the back for JP.

The ball is well and truly rolling and I am back on the choo choo train to Weddingville. My writing on rockmywedding has received some really positive feedback, and I am literally throwing myself into it with gusto now. Less than 6 months until the Big Day.

Also I have been wasting far too much time on Facebook - so have resolved to use my spare time more productively from now on.. and I've been working out like a bitch on a mission so things are all good.

Now back to my subject for today... For the love of Paloma.

I am so in love with Paloma Faith, well, not actual love but I love looking at images of her (as I do with most good photography of classicly beautiful women). I am going to try to emulate her make up - and those eyebrows, they're so classic!

Her voice, her style. She's stunning and has great taste in clothes. 

I'm also loving Paloma's Nest, the cute little ring bearer bowls are SO original - I have ordered one for my wedding and they have lovely saying's engraved on the dish like 'Be Happy, Be Loving, Be True'. 

You tie your rings to the string and the ring bearer carries them up the aisle (in our case Little Man Thomas will be doing the honours for us!) At almost 3 years old he is going to make a most handsome page boy indeed.

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