Monday, 30 August 2010

Big surpises from Aus

This week I have mostly been manic.

Manic about being prepared for the wedding and getting things done and getting hold of people and changing seating plans and **ok breathe**.....

I have enjoyed my last working day as Miss Palmer and I have the week off to relax, enjoy the few last minute jobs that need doing and chill the f**k out. 

I have also enjoyed the most wonderful weekend I've had in years! My two best friends have been plotting behind my back (in a nice way) and who turns up on my doorstep saturday afternoon? Em. My Em. From Aus. With a baby sling. With baby Cohen in it. 


Overwhelmed much? Yes I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. My voice seems to have gone up several octives with the excitement because I used to talk like a man. 

My Emma, is actually here. To be at my wedding. With the baby that hates to sleep. How lucky am I? It's something I have dreamed of for the last 18 months and I knew it just wasn't going to happen because well, she lives in Aus now and has just had a baby. She's changed only a little, in the sense that she's sporting some fabulous tattoos

So my weekend was a huge emotional ride of nostalgia, laugher, food, wine and just being 'us'. 

I have never felt so happy


Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday Rantage

I have been having a think about what to say in my bridal speech. It's gonna be short but sweet, and I want to say something about my Mum.

Planning this wedding without her to lean on for moral and emotional support has been very testing at times. I have really enjoyed planning though, and writing for rockmywedding has opened so many doors for me. Being one of those brides who bolted for the door at the very mention of 'table confetti' and 'Rolls Royces' I am pleased to have stuck to my guns and done it our way despite the pressure applied by other family members.

I continually remind myself that it is our wedding. It is our day. Do whatever makes us happy. Don't sweat the small details. Don't bother worrying about what anyone else will think (this is a rule I stick to religiously! I really couldn't give a tiny rats ass about what anyone thinks!) What matters is that there is love and laughter. Everything else just falls into place.

My Mum would have drilled this into me throughout the ups and downs of planning. She wouldn't have put any pressure on me whatsoever and she would have enjoyed hearing about all my creative ideas and plans. She would have been over the moon when I wanted to have a gospel choir, still a little miffed that I can't have one but the String Quartet should make up for that (although I hear even they can be annoying and 'go on a bit' hmmm grrrrrrrrr how I love when people diss my wedding ideas, can't opinions be kept quiet for god sake?) So I have to remember to be true to myself, and focus on what matters. I could stress myself out with the smaller details but I don't need to, everything is under control and I have planned the most amazing wedding. Me and Mr O are going to have the most wonderful day, and how lovely that we can treat our guests and spoil them for a day.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Reunions and a lot of meat

Yesterday was my friend Jo and Darrens wedding. They met about 6 years ago, at a wedding. They moved in after only seeing each other (physcially face to face seeing each other) about 3 times. Their relationship was conducted over the phone because Darren lived in Northumberland, which is like a squillion miles away from where we live. 

The rest is history.

The colour scheme was Orange, and it was a Village Hall wedding in a little village outside of Hitchin. Make up and photo's below courtesey of myself, and flowers were by Stephanie Rose

Mr O is currently on his stag weekend in Prague so I went on my own, but it was ok because I was reunited with friends I haven't seen for about a decade - and so I spent the whole day flitting between people being a social butterfly. It was a very loving day full of laughter and makes me feel all the more excited about my own wedding... five weeks to go!

The beauty of doing the bridal make up for my friends when they get married, is I get to be involved in the excitement of the day. I even got to help Jo into her dress, and then her Mum helped lace her up. 

I've known Jo since I was 13 years old, we don't see each other as often as we would like to but it doesn't matter. With some friends you just have a connection and nothing and no one can ever break it. I had such an amazing time catching up with everyone, it didn't feel weird or odd that I hadn't seen them for a decade, it just felt like I was with old friends, surrounded with people who really 'get' me, who I can be myself with, who I have respect for. It didn't matter that I was there on my own without Mr O, I just fitted in and felt like I didn't want the night to end! 

I really should see my friends more often.

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