Monday, 28 February 2011


You all know how much I adore Anthrapologie

Well they recently launched their new Bridal line - holy fook it's pretty. BHLDN would be my first port of call if Mr O and I hadn't already tied the knot... and if I hadn't already bought two wedding dresses of course.

I've picked a few faves to share with you. Just beautiful. The one on the very right is my absolute fave!**


**she rubs her big pregnant belly and sighs**

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Twinges and trumping.

I have never trumped as much as I have done since I have been in my third trimester.

It's quite entertaining, especially when the cat is soundly sleeping next to me and she is rudely awoken by my farting. I wonder if the Queen has ever entertained herself by privately trumping too - I bet she has. I bet old Liz loves a good old parp.

Nothing to report apart from a few twinges and extremely uncomfortable big baby movements, the type that take your breath away and make you take that sharp intake of breath. 

My hips are cracking a lot and I can't even roll over in bed any more. I have to get out of bed to get back in again to lay on my other side. This I am growing weary of now. The fact I am carrying a heavy baby just makes me wonder how I will get through the next 3 weeks because sleep is non existent already. 

Although I won't deny that when I lay in bed, as uncomfortable and in pain as I am - when I look at the moses basket set up next to our wardrobe I am overcome with excitement. Baby O will be in that basket soon, oh my god!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

I like big butts.

I've seen it all now.

Just found this on ebay whilst looking for post pregnancy compression garments...

From here


Jane and Marilyn.

The new website for vintage-style fashion label Jane & Marilyn is now up with photography by the wonderful Julia Boggio. As they are passionate about creating glamour for real women, they recruited friends to be the models so the dresses looked true to life. 

I am in love with all the creations and cut of the fabric is just beautiful.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Mega cute baby leggings. I want a stripey pair for Baby O.

From here

The Owl fetish continues
From here

A dress for post baby

Mmmm another dress for post baby...

Today I actually ventured out of the house. Only a mere three people commented on the size of my baby bump - I suspect more people wanted to engage me in conversation about my belly but I gave off massive 'speak to me and DIE' vibes. Which appeared to work - thank god.

Now I'm off for a nap as I am pooped from lugging all this weight around.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Big baby movement.

Ok so it looks like Baby O is trying to break free of my belly!

This is the sort of movement that keeps me awake at night - can you make out a pair of butt cheeks? 

Sort of freaky, ain't it.

Baby doesn't stop moving..... my belly dances all day long. It fascinates me. 

What is the baby doing in there?? Riverdance?!

ps.. probably shouldn't watch the video if you are squeemish - it does resemble that scene in 'Alien' ever so slightly.

5 Years.

This day five years ago I met my sweetheart Mr O, outside a pub in Covent Garden. 

One of the funniest first dates I had ever had we got totally smashed and went to a gay bar - purely because I liked the music of course! I honestly didn't think I would see him again so I just totally relaxed and was myself. What did I have to lose? I laughed my hysterical laugh and I was honest when I said I couldn't drink any more cocktails for fear of throwing up! 

Little did we both know that we were about to embark on one hell of a journey.

He became my best friend very quickly, he melted my heart and just knew how to make me laugh. Underneath that swarve, cool,  ridiculously good looking exterior was a computer geek who loved Craig David, robot wars, and jellied eels. And as you can tell, I love him very very very much. 


Monday, 21 February 2011

For my bestest.

36 Weeks.

I have 4 weeks until the baby is 'due'. 20th March couldn't come soon enough.

I am ready for this baby to come now.

It's measuring big and is surrounded by too much amniotic fluid so my bump is immense. 

I have taken hibernating to the next level because the minute I step outside someone makes a comment about how I must be ready to pop - there's only so much of that one can take i'm afraid.

The risk of going into pre term labour is still high thanks to the Polyhydraminos. So now that I am 36 weeks pregnant they've warned me it can be 'any day now'.

Some days the hormones get the better of you and you just feel a little fed up. 

I just want to meet my baby now

Look at those lips, I just want to squidge them.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sleepy Owl.

Thinking ahead to when Baby is here, I have found some lovely props to use for the newborn baby shoot that the wonderful Jon Mold is doing for us

From Etsy

Currently clutching my wriggling belly praying baby comes soon!

Friday, 18 February 2011


The limitations of living in a heavily pregnant body.

You can't sleep on your back. 
You can't sleep full stop.

Your hips crack and hurt when you turn from laying on one side to the other
You get out of breath and your heart races from the effort of turning yourself over in bed
No amount of pregnancy cushions will make you feel comfortable they only restrict how much room you have, and give you the hump.

Your restless legs mean you have to get up and walk around in the middle of the night to stop them from hurting.
You have to get up to pee anyway so might as well stretch your legs whilst you're up.

When you need to poop, you need to poop straight away there's no hanging about.

No amount of promising yourself you won't become a hairy mary 'down below' works, eventually you will become a hairy mary down below. It becomes a military operation to remove said hair.

Your toe nails become claw like and scratchy unless you get someone to give you a pedicure regularly

Your baby will kick and wriggle and poke you all night long, then when you think you can sleep it gets hiccups.

You adopt a new walk. And there's nothing you can do about it. 

You will trump, and there is nothing you can do about it.

You ache everywhere, and there is nothing you can do about it.

You will drink milk by the gallon to get rid of your incredible heart burn.

People will scare you with stories of piles. I am scared stiff about piles. 

You will find that you are quite open about talking about pooping and trumping and all the other little niggles that come with pregnancy (see above)

(yes I am feeling rather tired and fed up this morning hence the whinge)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Baby bird.

Dear Baby O,

Mummy and Daddy are so ready for you to come into the world now, waiting for you as patiently as we can full of excitement and wonder! It feels like we have been waiting a very long time for you to come into our lives, every day we tell you how much we love you and cannot wait to meet you. We dream of what name to give you, and who you will take after. We love to watch you have hiccups after wriggling around in my tummy and stretching, and we love to look at your scan picture at your cute little face and wonder what you will look like in real life. 
We dream about playing in the park with you when you are older, and reading you stories at bed time, and we even think about what you will be when you grow up, a Doctor or a skilled carpenter, a talented dancer or an artist. As long as you are happy then we are happy and we will always support you through life and try and guide you in the right direction for you. No doubt we will make mistakes along the way, but that's what parents do, what matters most is that Mummy and Daddy love you, and we love each other and we will always be together, all three of us. One day you will have a sibling to play with and our family will be complete, and we will take holidays together and go camping, and show you the world. 
Mummy and Daddy will embarrass you with our singing and our dancing (well, Daddy will embarrass you with his singing and dancing) but you will always feel loved and protected and we cannot wait to have you and see you grow into your own personality and watch your character develop.

Whenever you are ready to come into the world we are waiting for you, with a lovely home and an abundance of love

Mummy and Daddy 

Monday, 14 February 2011


Well people this week my little corner of blogland turns the grand old age of 4 years old!

It's had a few facelifts over the years before getting to what graces our vision today, but we've covered pretty much every aspect of my life, from embarrassing tales, to bankruptcy, terminal illness, coping with loss, unemployment, new starts and new additions, becoming a blogging queen, attempting make up tutorials, fundraising, big surprises, even bigger surprises, the finale posts of What Jenny Did and all the amazing comments and feedback, launching my price list, sending letters to heaven for My Mum, and looking back at my writing and realising I have a gift to be proud of! 

This year I turn 30 and become a Mama (and a home owner too hopefully!). I think it's going to be one hell of a year!

Sending all my readers big bags full of love,

Jenny xx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

35 Weeks.

Measuring 41 weeks **gulp**

Yes I have never been more uncomfy in all my 29 years.

ps. Just had to add that I am wearing the cardigan my late Mum knitted in the 60's. Vintage and sentimental this is my most cherished item of clothing x

Saturday, 12 February 2011

The dress saga.

For those of you who followed my blogging on Rockmywedding you'll remember I had more than a few changes of heart over the darn wedding dress.....

It's not uncommon (thank the lord) I have seen it time and time again, us girls rush into buying the dress early on in the planning stages, then as time ticks on we have a change of heart!

So the beautiful designer dress went unworn and is still for sale. Never having fulfilled it's bridal destiny this makes me sad, I have thought about dying it and customising it Gok style but seriously when am I going to be able to wear a dress like this again??

Should any of you know a bride to be who is after an unworn Alan Hannah gown, then please tell them about me?  Thank you!

Then I went and bought this dress:

Which looked stunning on, but being a UK size 12/14 I felt too curvy in it. So I sold it (and made a bob or two on it, result!).

And so happened that I ended up with my beautiful Sottero & Midgely dress, the rest is history.

I still can't believe I was 3 months pregnant on our wedding day, I think I managed to hide it well!

A ton of water. 35 Weeks.

I've not been on for a bit, due to spending day after day up the hospital being monitored scanned and measured for this that and the other.

Everything is ok with Baby O, I am being monitored twice a week and scanned once a week, and my consultant is taking very good care of me. I am pleasantly surprised by the NHS - considering how lame they were when it came to my Mums care. 

So I was due to spend tomorrow with the amazingly fabulous Jon Mold doing a shoot and having a general play around, this is on hold now which I am absolutely gutted about but Mama needs to rest. 

I did this little collage. 

I know it's a bit gay to do stuff like this, but considering my belly is now measuring at 41weeks it's been a long journey!

Now I am 35 weeks, I shall be getting a pic of the IMMENSE belly in the morning. 

I swear there is a litter of pups in there, or something. 

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wedding Highlights.

Our wedding highlights for you all, thank you to everyone who made our day so so very special

With love

Mr and Mrs O (and baby)

Credit to Abbey Weddings for our wonderful DVD


I've finally finished the wall art in baby's room!

I feel totally pooped. My heels ache, am I that heavy that my heels can't take my weight anymore??!

So here it is, took me about 3 hours in total, applying each leaf and branch. I got it from Etsy shop Surface Inspired. I loves it!

Baby bunting I got second hand from Ebay - it's Laura Ashley though.

This lovely little bird I bought for a few pounds from Oxfam. It's paper mache, and super cute.

Beatrix Potter musical ornamant is from my childhood, as is the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales book. They were christening gifts when I was baptised when I was 8 years old. Very well looked after by me! The other Beatrix Potter books are second hand from a charity shop in town. Baby likes it when I read Peter Rabbit.

Another thing from my childhood. My Godmothers Mum (otherwise known as Nanny Dove) painted this. It is so precious to me I had it on the wall all through my childhood, I know my Mum would be over the moon to see it hanging in Baby O's room. My Godmother will be pleased to see it next time she visits too.

Beautiful cot mobile, we've gone for the Light of The Moon range from Mamas and Papas (because of the Owl!). We've got the curtains, Moses basket, and other bits and bobs to match. I'm currently bidding on a second hand cot bumper on ebay. 

And not forgetting our lovely hand made owl from Vicky's Owls. Many thanks to Littlewifetolittlemama for putting me in touch with Vicky! I shall be purchasing more no doubt!

So the nursery is ready for baby. 

Mummy and Daddy are ready for baby.

If I get booked in for this C Section it will only be 2 to 4 weeks until baby is here. Oh. My. God. 

Oh my god I can't wait. I can't wait!

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Here it is!

Baby O's very own room.

Almost finished... just some wall art to add. I'll take close up pics of bits and pieces that I want to share with you next week. 


She's the bestest friend a pregnant woman could ask for - well almost. If she were able to fetch me ice cream and rub my back she would be the bestest friend a pregnant woman could ask for!

She always says hello when she enters a room, and she isn't an overly vocal kitty so I know the little she does say is meaningful

She follows me around where ever I am, and rather than sit on my ever decreasing lap (due to baby bump) she curls up next to me and generally looks very cute and peaceful.

Her favourite toy is my knitting needle. She just loves pouncing on it and tries to carry it off in her mouth (much like a dog with a very large log)

She's borderline retarded (I swear). I have lost count of the amount of times she has one of her 'mad half hours' and has run full pelt into one of my legs/the table/a cupboard. Probably a good thing that we live in a flat and she doesn't get out much. Imagine the carnage?

I do love my chunky little Molly.


Here it is, measuring a whopping 37 weeks!

34 Weeks.

Slightly unnerving midwife appointment last night. 

I am measuring 37 weeks pregnant, and baby is still extended leg (Frank) breech so I am going to be referred to the hospital for monitoring. This isn't unusual many women who are measuring big or small for their dates are referred and generally given a growth scan to see what's going on. There could be many reasons that baby is sitting so high, it doesn't just mean that baby is huge. Although I suspect the baby is huge.

C section was discussed yet again, and although there is still a few weeks for baby to turn, there is very little room in there for baby to move so the chance it turns is slim. Although she did say if it turns, I will know about it because the pelvis and legs are fully extended, and it has a whole 180 degrees to turn so it won't be a case of 'ooh I think the baby just turned' it will probably be 'holy mother of god the baby just turned!'.

Cue feelings of worry and anxiety about the baby. 

You can't stop these feelings it's all part of becoming a Mama I suppose.

I will happily go through a dreaded C section so that baby can come into the world. Being a parent means you would die for your children, so a C section is nothing in the greater scheme of things! 

It also means meeting baby a little sooner than expected too, which isn't a bad thing!
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