Thursday, 30 June 2011

A boy and his penguin.

There is a new love affair blossoming in the Oatham household.

William and his penguin.

I feed him, and he holds his penguin. He sleeps, and he holds his penguin. It's a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Product love. Natural products.

I'm becoming increasingly aware of natural skin products, thanks to sensitive skin and breastfeeding I became more aware of what I was putting into and onto my body. 

I am also a great believer in the hype* surrounding designer face creams. 

My skin has never been better since having William. This is mostly because I can't afford to splash the cash on my Dermalogica and Clarins face creams, so what have I been using?


Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter.

At a shocking price of £2.49!

Made with only the purest ingredients, including vanilla, lavender and camomile, Waitrose baby is designed to protect and soothe a baby's delicate skin and hair. All products are free from parabens, SLSs, artificial fragrances and colours.

It's my new wonder product.

*seriously, why spend ££'s on fancy creams, they don't make you look younger, less spotty and more radiant - it's all b*llocks!

Going to the chapel.

This friday my lovely friend Stokesy gets hitched to her love Darren. 

I have the great honour of doing her bridal make up. I always love being asked to do friends bridal make up because it means I get to be involved in the excitement of the day, I remember fondly how I felt the morning of my wedding (nauseous with morning sickness mostly) it's a once in a lifetime experience and the culmination of months and months of planning. 

I cannot wait to see her in her dress, and be there to see her say I do. She's one of many friends who would do anything for anyone, at any time of the day, no matter what she has on her plate. Coley is a lucky lucky man.

On Stokesys hen night a few weeks back, just before we sang Backstreet Boys on Karoke. 

13 weeks and Daddy massage.

He's growing up too fast, I wish the world would stop so he could stay this way for a bit longer - this is my favourite age by far. Everything is going in his mouth. Sit still for too long and you'll be eaten!

He is a Daddies boy, through and through. I encourage this of course because there is nothing as beautiful as a boy who idolises his father.

This baltic sea amber anklet seems to be helping with his teething, in the sense that he isn't whinging as much - maybe it's a coincidence?

Monday, 27 June 2011

A broken wrist and a picture piece.

This weekend was the first weekend in over a year that I actually felt like 'me' again, I had such a hoot!

Mr O took me to Hyde Park to the Hard Rock Festival to see one of my most favourite bands, The Killers. 

We got absolutely off our faces

How pale am I?

It felt good to get out and be in a muddy field, with a pint of lager in one hand, and my husband in the other. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Today William rolled over (from front to back) for the first time, I screamed and whooped in delight and frightened the poor boy half to death - so I don't expect him to be doing it again very soon!

I've been in touch with a Make Up Academy, they're looking for pro's to join their team to do lots of production work (right up my street). Her name is Lou Page and I met her at the weekend, her portfolio is full of A listers and amazing films (like Lord of The Rings - err hello New Zealand!!) She's amazing and full of advice as to how to crack the industry. Watch this space...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Am I weird?

So through my blog, which I have been writing for over 4 years now, I have met some wonderful friends online, fellow bloggers and followers, there really is a lovely support network, yet whenever people ask if I have been to many baby groups or met many new mummies I receive funny looks when I tell them I am an active member of an online birth community....... am I weird for preferring to be at home and online than making crappy small talk with people whom I have nothing in common with (apart from the fact I squeezed a massive baby out of my ladybits?)

If it wasn't for the internet I doubt I would have met Mr O. A small romantic part of me believes that our paths have crossed before and perhaps we would have ended up together, but nevertheless, being online had a huge part to play in our love story. 

I've met some really lovely and like minded women online, the girls at Rockmywedding for example, meeting them online lead to guest blogging for their website for a year. One of the most fantastic opportunities and it lead to me deciding to jack my office job in and focus on being a Make Up Artist. 

I've met some really lovely and like minded mummies online too, in our secret Facebook club (not so secret anymore! It's private, like my own FB page so no one can view it apart from invited members). Sarah for example. She shares the same birthday as me, and her son was born the same day as William! We both share the love of travel and wicked sense of humours. Ok so she lives in Europe at the moment so we are 'penpals'**for the time being but who knows if our paths may cross in the future...

So for those of you who aren't familiar with this whole online community, the internet isn't all bad, if you use it carefully it can lead to exciting opportunities and a wealth of support, so that can't be bad, can it?

**remember the olden days before email addresses when we used to actually write proper letters to each other? aaah the good old days. I might pen a letter to a friend and 's.w.a.l.k' it on the back haha

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


William has a cold, so is spending a lot time time sleeping. I don't know what to do with myself he is sleeping so much! My poor snotty boy.

Monday, 13 June 2011


This weekend I made a discovery. William loves to lay on his tummy on a pillow. He slept on me this way for aaaages yesterday, and all I heard was his bottom trumping away therefore easing his colic. 

I wish I had thought to try tummy time on a pillow weeks ago!

My boys watching the motorbikes on telly. I fear William may like bikes and fast cars, just like his Daddy.

Product love.

I couldn't have done without these lovely things after I had William

The Bellybandit, it helps your tummy gain it's pre pregnancy condition by effectively binding you! Great for your posture too.

YSL touche eclat, for obvious reasons! The light bounced off my dark circles and bags rather than highlighting them.

These lovely lavendar bath bombs from Babes with Babies.

Nars Orgasm Illuminator - for the 'glow from within' look. Great for slapping underneath my foundation before having guests round to see the baby. Made me feel a little more human.

My H&M maternity leggings and maternity skinny jeans. Over the bump material hides any post baby lumps and bumps, and they are comfy!

Boho Batiste Dry Shampoo - because you won't get a chance to do anything with your hair, let alone wash it! I buy mine from Savers for £1.79!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Baby love.

11 Weeks old, almost 3 months old, and I have to restrain myself from uploading 7 million photo's of him each day!


I had the pleasure of going back to my old stomping ground on my birthday, and seeing Kim for her bridal trial.

Kim doesn't wear make up regularly and wanted a very natural look, so I used my fail safe Bare Escentuals base which has enhanced her skin fabulously! Here she is looking gorgeous....

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Things I wish I had known....

...before my journey into motherhood... If I could take myself back to pregnancy I would tell myself the following:

The last few weeks are tiring, you will ache and not sleep well and everyone will tell you to 'make the most of it because when the baby comes you won't be getting any rest at all'..... well this is sort of true, you won't get much sleep but if you're anything like me being able to simply get comfortable is a bonus, and I slept better once baby was here than I did the entire 12 weeks before he arrived!

When baby is here you probably won't sleep when baby sleeps because you'll be too consumed with adoration and excitement that he's finally here. However, if you can, try and get forty winks. Especially whilst your partner is at home with you - make the most of having him around!

You will pack and unpack your hospital bag 17 times before you actually go into labour however the following items were an absolute must;

Ipod - for listening to relaxing music before baby arrived, it saved my life when I was in hospital for a surprisingly long amount of time

Cartons of juice, isotonic drinks, and water. Mr O had to rush out whilst I was in the throws of heavy labour and buy lucozade etc for me, and I was nil by mouth for the previous 24 hours so I was in desperate need of energy to push out Baby O.

Snacks like go ahead biscuits and sweets to suck on whilst in very early labour.

A purse full of pound coins and a debit card for watching tv

A flannel for your partner to use as a cold compress on your face, because being in labour and giving birth is the hottest you will ever feel in your entire life

At least 6 packs of maternity towels. Your waters once they break continue to trickle the entire time you are labouring and giving birth. No one told me this and it would have been handy to know! (yes so I had polyhydramnios so had water galore, but I've heard even normal water levels do the same thing)

A change of clothes for your birthing partner, Mr O wore a nice shirt and jeans and they got a little dirty during the birthing process so a fresh t shirt and comfy bottoms would have been heaven for him.

You can't plan for labour. You can write a plan, but things might not happen the way you want to so just be open minded and confident about whatever happens, you can do it.

Take a pregnancy pillow in to hospital. This is where my Dream Genii pillow finally made it's money worthwhile. I still use it to help me feed William sometimes. 

Buy lots of muslins. You may have a sicky baby and they are brilliant for protecting your clothes/for use as a blanket etc.

Don't buy blankets, you will get given loads!

Cartons of formula and sterilised bottles are handy in those first few weeks of breast feeding for when you have that breast feeding meltdown.

Have at least one dummy ready for use, saved my sanity one night when all baby wanted to do was use my bleeding cracked nipple as a soother. 

Don't have too many people round in the first week baby is born. Give yourself a few days to recover and catch up on some sleep if you can. The last thing you need is to stress about making sure your hair looks alright and finding clothes that aren't your dressing gown!

When doing a night feed and changing nappies you really can do all this in bed just take everything you need to bed with you. I spent the first two weeks feeding in the living room, changing his nappy in his nursery, then trying to settle him down to sleep in his basket in our room. It soon dawned on me that I was making life difficult for myself!

If you end up spending longer in hospital than you first thought, and do happen to have that breast feeding meltdown - don't panic it happens to us all! There will be a milk kitchen where you can sterilize your bottles and keep your milk cartons in the fridge once they're opened. I sort of wish I had a little more training on formula feeding because all you hear is 'breast is best' so when that meltdown happens you end up feeling more stressed because you have no clue at all about how to prepare formula feeds! It's easy, sterilize the bottle in the electric steamer with 80ml of water, pour 1floz of formula into the bottle and serve at room temp. Et voila, a happy full baby and a well deserved rest for your nips! Oh, and if you don't have bottles or milk with you than the hospital can supply it for you (begrudgingly though). I took Aptamil cartons just to be on the safe side but didn't take bottles and they happily let me have some ready sterile bottles to feed my starving son! I wish I had known more about formula feeding despite my intentions to breast feed. 

When you are breast feeding it is normal for your baby to be on the boob for hours, this is when it's good to learn how to feed laying down!

Oh, and in case you hadn't gathered, for most, breast feeding is hard work. It's not the beautiful picture people paint on the telly, get your head into a strong place and stick with it. It's all about being mentally strong to get through it and I hear the first month is the hardest. (I gave up after 3 days then regretted it and relactated when baby was 6 weeks old, save yourself this hassle and stick with the bfing if you can in the first place)

Your first poo after giving birth isn't as scary as you think it might be, however your midwife and health visitor will be obsessed with your motions.

Learn to switch off when your other half is looking after the baby, it's not easy to do this but he has to learn to do things his own way and they will be different to yours! You have all day to bond with baby, it takes time for Daddy to get there.

Make sure Daddy does a nightfeed ar least once a week, twice a week if possible. You aren't superwoman, lack of sleep will leave you feeling broken. 

It is ok to take baby into bed with you, I didn't do this til he was a few weeks old but when I did it was so lovely! 

The list of things I wish I had known before hand goes on and on but I think I have covered the ones that stuck in my head.

Oh no, I forgot one thing. Don't try and go through a 48 hour labour without asking for gas and air. Take the freaking gas and air because sometimes an epidural isn't enough!

Knowing what I know now, I think second time round for me will be a walk in the park :o) (here's hoping it is anyway!!)

Feel free to add comments to this post if I have missed any!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Wee and poo.

Never before has my life, and general conversation matter, consisted of so much wee and poo.

I turn my back for a second and the baby has a urine puddle in his ear, I look down and I have baby sick between my toes, and I change the babies clothes and he has poo on his foot. 

Never before have I ever had to change my (limited) clothes three times a day because I am covered in some sort of bodily fluid.

And to top it all off I found the tea bags in the fridge.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Boobies. Part deux.

For those who remember this post and this post, I feel compelled to update the blog with how the breast feeding (or expressing even) is going.

In my 4th week of expressing (I think it's 4 weeks or so anyway). I was still only managing to express 3 oz in total, pumping 6 times a day.

It's a huge commitment.

This was as well as putting baby to the breast to let him suckle to increase my supply. Initially he loved going on the boob - i'm shocked he even remembered how to latch on! I'm even more shocked how it didn't hurt. My memory of putting William to the boob after 2 days of painful feeding after he was born has been restored with memory of enjoying feeding him myself, wishing he would do more than just snack on me, then get frustrated and shout for his bottle.

You'll note I am talking in past tense, I have decided to knock the expressing on the head now. He is ten weeks old and has a huge appetite, all I do during the day is express, bottle feed, and put him on the boob - for a boy who is so alert and playful I felt as though I was neglecting him somehow. (parenthood, a wealth of guilty feelings about absolutely everything!)

I feel wonderful for giving him my special milk, seeing him drain the breast milk bottles was the best feeling in the world. My work is done. 

I still look at breast feeding mummies, and feel a huge pang of jealousy. To me breast feeding is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world, and seeing your child thrive on milk you create for him must be a wonderful feeling. However it wasn't to be for William and I, and that is fine. I have a happy, content, clever little boy who I can honestly say I feel like I have given him the best start in life now.

And anyway..... there is always next time... **

**yes I have forgotten all about the long induction and labour and am pining for the next baby already. Can't be that bad if I want to do it all again!

Monday, 6 June 2011


I am now the grand old age of 30!

To be honest, I have always felt a little wise (tainted even!) beyond my years so 30 isn't a number that frightens me.

I knew I wouldn't be getting any presents this year (sulk), gone are the days of opening pressies in bed after sleeping in until 11am..... this birthday I had cuddles with my baby boy in bed at the crack of dawn and was treated to smiles and giggles - perhaps the most gratifying present of all! The three of us hung out, in our new home, and ate croissants and drank juice. It was the kind of family scene you see in the movies and it was perfect. I'm a grown up now!

I had to go to work later that day so Mr O looked after the baby, it was nice to earn a bit of pocket money - I could certainly get used to doing a few hours work each weekend so I intend to do a bit of advertising in the coming months, see if I can get more bookings. I love my make up job, I shall blog her images later in the week and add her to my portfolio.


I increasingly find my shoulders are hunched up around my ears, then I have to tell myself to adjust my posture and relax - I wouldn't describe it as 'stress' because it isn't what I would call stress, but it's more I am trying to learn how to juggle all my jobs and do them well. I have my mummy hat on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - the most rewarding job I have ever done and I love being a mother. I also am trying to be a good wife, trying to create a nice home, and trying to still be 'Jenny' whenever I get the chance. I haven't managed a single workout yet - and William is 10 weeks old now, I think a work out would make me feel a bit less frazzled. My idea of doing something special for myself every day is to walk to Sainsburys and buy myself some chocolate! Still I am trying to do something each day to make me feel like the old me. Whether this be just doing something good with my hair, or putting on some make up, it is so important to feel special and I feel better about my appearance with my make up on and my hair done. 

I think I need to do some meditation. This always helps!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

8 - 10 Weeks Old.

So we are sleeping through the night, it's official! Little Willy loves his sleep.

He is in his own bedroom at night, the first night Mr O camped down on the floor next to his cot to make sure he was ok - I slept with one eye open just in case.

Developmentally I am surprised at how quickly these baby things grow. 

He is laughing and smiling all the time, he loves swatting his hanging toys in his jungle gym, and my god does he love the sound of his own voice (and what a cute voice it is!)

He loves to sit up and gnaw on our fingers, drooling heavily he's a dribbly little sausage.

He loves it when Daddy O copies the noises he makes, and makes more noises for Daddy to copy.

He loves it when I sing 'You are my Sunshine' and he sings back to me in baby song. 

He is growing so fast, my big baby - he amazes me every day!

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