Friday, 24 February 2012


So becoming a 'housewife' (for want of a better word) is a constant journey of discovery. Learning to adapt to living off one salary takes time, and not have the priviledge of having your own money also takes a bit of getting used to. Gone are the days of the four hour hair salon visits for a cut and colour, and dare there be a rogue Next bag lying around I am accountable for it. I am however able to spend every day with my gorgeous son, and there is nothing more I could want from life just having that pleasure means the world tome. 

I am starting to wish I had a sewing machine and some fabric so I could knock myself up a nice new tunic to wear, a la My Mum circa 1965. She was the best at living on no money and always 'made do and mended'. I wish she was still around so I could pick her brain about cheap healthy family recipes, and how to make money last. 

I wish she was still around. 

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