Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Big boy dinners.

I remember weaning be a bit of a scary business. I'd read a free Gina Ford book with my pregnancy magazine, and she literally scared the bejesus out of me with her meal plan suggestions. 

Then my Sister in law suggested I use Annabel Karmel, which I promptly bought and started feverishly steaming carrots and sweet potatoes and pears for William to try. Before I knew it I had a freezer full of purees, and eventually a baby who opened his mouth for the spoon so he could gobble down my offerings. 

She suggests you try baby rice amongst the list of First Tastes (first tastes are things like pureed pear, carrot, sweet potatoe, simple tastes). Then you move onto letting him try pretty much everything, in a puree form of course. William never liked baby rice, I used to mix it with his pureed pear and he'd have me sussed and spit it out. The boy wanted proper food, none of this bland baby nonsense. 

I started weaning at 5 and a half months officially, and by 6 months he was on a good 2 - 3 meals a day, enjoying weetabix for breakfast, and vegetables for his lunch and dinner. By 7 months he was eating cheese sandwiches and yummy pancakes and cucumber with houmus. I moved through the weaning process very quickly because I didn't want him stuck eating purees. Fortunately for me, William is a good eater and always has been. I maintain this is genetic, I was a big baby who loved my food too. Clearly William takes after his Mummy!

**yes I am aware the poor boy has a pink dinner plate, it's all they had left in the shop!

Monday, 27 February 2012

My boy.

He is growing so fast, my boy.

It goes so quick!

Ok, things I need to do.

I desperately wanted to do a course in eyelash extensions before I left the UK, sadly I didn't manage it, so am considering finding out if I can do a course here in Hong Kong.

First and foremost though, I shall be making an appointment here, to go and experience lash extensions for myself. I am a lash extension virgin, already being blessed with good lashes, but it would be nice to not have to bother with mascara some days. 

I also wish I had done a course in spray tanning before I left the UK, but time didn't allow such a thing, so I am going to treat myself to a nice spray tan - once the weather decides to be a little less scottish and a little more asian. 

Friday, 24 February 2012


So becoming a 'housewife' (for want of a better word) is a constant journey of discovery. Learning to adapt to living off one salary takes time, and not have the priviledge of having your own money also takes a bit of getting used to. Gone are the days of the four hour hair salon visits for a cut and colour, and dare there be a rogue Next bag lying around I am accountable for it. I am however able to spend every day with my gorgeous son, and there is nothing more I could want from life just having that pleasure means the world tome. 

I am starting to wish I had a sewing machine and some fabric so I could knock myself up a nice new tunic to wear, a la My Mum circa 1965. She was the best at living on no money and always 'made do and mended'. I wish she was still around so I could pick her brain about cheap healthy family recipes, and how to make money last. 

I wish she was still around. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Missing home.

Life as an expat is strange, you really have to put yourself out there and speak to people, and give your number to people you meet on the bus. Everyone I meet is so kind, and generous, the people here are lovely, and I have made some very nice friends.

My husband works very hard in his job, and is rarely home before ten pm. I miss him and lately I have been feeling so exhausted that leaving the house is a rarity so I feel guilty for William that it is just me and him, all the time. Of course William is happy with his twice a week playgroup with his friends and actually enjoys hanging out with me at home all day! He is very good at entertaining himself and loves chilling in his nursery having me read to him.

The weather here is drab. Glib. A bit grey and dreary. I am starting to get annoyed with having to rely on public transport and miss driving a car. I miss cathedral city cheddar, and tiger bread from sainsburies. I miss my friends and family and that feeling of just being able to easily pop out to see someone. I feel lonely at times and feel I need to take up a hobby to channel my energy into, perhaps I should buy some watercolors and get painting again.

I suppose it just takes time to adjust.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Rock My Wedding

Head on over to Rock My Wedding to see our piece on hair colouring, and extending.

Image courtesy of Rock My Wedding

Friday, 17 February 2012

Shopping list.

This swimsuit. I die. 

A post baby celeb secret, they wear these you know.

This lamp. I need this lamp in my living room.

This quilt. Because the colours make me happy.

This foundation, because it's like applying silk to my face and makes me look 21.

Because I feel pale and fat without it.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

For walls.

I'm ordering these lovely pictures from my favourite shop Etsy, for Williams room.

This one, because I have always sung to little Willy

And this one, because it satisfies my obsession with Owls. Obv.

Friday, 10 February 2012

A Song.

This song reminds me of jumping around my living room in Stevenage with Mr O, before I became Mrs O.

It reminds me of being wasted, and care free, and of having no inhibitions at all, whatsoever.

I love finding songs like this on my ipod.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Something changed when I moved to Hong Kong.

I just am so uninspired, by everything! I rarely find time to social network and find myself increasingly steering towards the 'social networking is for gimps' camp (the camp my husband belongs to). I rarely find myself online, and if I do manage to get online I am googling things like recipes for toddlers, or looking up directions (because getting lost is my forte), or chatting with my birth board mummies swapping notes about motherhood.

I feel like a huge shift has happened in my life since we moved here. I feel like a different person entirely to be honest.

I had such vision for this blog when I had William. I thought I could become some amazing fabulous lifestyle blogger like A Cup Of Jo and share inspiration and musings on life. 

Without coming across as sounding too negative, I know where the change has happened, and I embrace that change. I think what I am trying to explain is that my life is different here.  I am a full time Mummy living in a new country and my time is filled with entertaining William, and making friends - making amazing new friends.

I am rarely at home sitting on my arse. I am generally at someone elses home sitting on me arse, sipping tea and noshing an ample amount of chocolate club biscuits!

It's a very social lifestyle, a very active lifestyle, and I am hugely grateful to Mr O for enabling me to be the stay at home Mummy I always dreamed of being. I have writing responsibilites elsewhere and find myself struggling to keep on top of them too, life for me is just all about William now, and of adjusting to living in the bubble of Discovery Bay. I am feeling more and more at home as each day passes, I am finding my feet again in the kitchen (because I even lost my cooking mojo, I blame the lame Hong Kong supermarkets and the stupidly expensive items - I paid a fiver for a small lump of Mozzarella today, five pounds people!) 

I suppose I feel rather boring really.

Swings and Cherries.

Williams new most favourite things.
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